TD2000  Walk 'n' Roll Ridge Mulcher is an Investment that will actually Save you Time and Money when you reclaim tons of gravel.
The TD2000  Walk 'n' Roll Ridge Mulcher has many more great advantages
  • Recover thousands of tons of lost aggregate
  • Save hours of moving ridge back and forth with the motor grader
  • Makes mowing ditches easier
  • No ridges are left to hamper traffic
  • Reshape road shoulders
  • Clean up gravel shoulders on paved highways.

TD2000  Walk 'n' Roll Ridge Mulcher 



Features of the TD2000  Walk 'n' Roll Ridge Mulcher:

  • Twin Drums
  • Replaceable Hard-faced Teeth
  • Drums are driven against direction of travel
  • Replaceable teeth on drums are mounted on an angle
  • Self contained hydraulic system