The WR75 is 75" Wide. Has Five (5) independent Walking Beams, Ten (10) 7.50 X 15 fourteen ply smooth tires.  It has a single beam main frame with a high arch gooseneck.

TD2000  Walk 'n' Roll Ridge Mulcher
TD2000  Walk 'n' Roll Ridge Mulcher is an Investment that will actually Save you Time and Money when you reclaim tons of gravel.
The TD2000  Walk 'n' Roll Ridge Mulcher has many more great advantages

Walk-n-Roll International Ltd

The WR90 Series 3 Oscillator Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller with the Twin Sub Frame oscillation allows the packer to follow the contour of the surface.  It has Six (6) independent Walking Beams,  Twelve (12) 7.50 X 15 smooth roller tires.

The WR90 Oscillator is available with a Hydraulic Side-Shift for larger motor graders.

Grader Mounted RETRIEVER

The Grader Mounted RETRIEVER: The "RIGHT WAY" to Condition Road Shoulders.


Retrieve the lost gravel from the road ditch and blade the road in one operation. The ultimate efficiency, 2 operations in one pass.

WR90RL Hydra-Slide Walk 'n' Roll Packer/Roller
90" packing width, 24" Right or Left side-shift without relocating the side-shift hydraulic cylider. The hydraulic cylinder mounts on the back of the packer out of the dust and dirt. Six individual walking beams gives maximum kneading action that seeks out soft spots that may exist providing uniform compaction with no ROLL-OVER of soft spots.