Series 3 Walk-n-Roll Packer Roller

Walk-n-Roll Packer Roller Australia


We are the *International distributor for the Walk 'n' Roll packer roller range of products. 

 It is our aim to be the supplier of choice for quality road maintenance equipment by providing value added solutions and excellent service to all our customers within Australia and *around the world. 

The Walk 'n' Roll packer roller is a user friendly compactor that mounts on a motor grader, and is perfect for gravel road maintenance. 

The Walk 'n' Roll packer roller allows you to blade and compact the road in one operation.  This budget saving tool leads to better roads, with less road maintenance. The process is great at conserving moisture in dry spells, or sealing out moisture during a wet spell.

*Excluding the U.S.A. and Canada.


The Walk 'n' Roll packer/roller is “The worlds most environmentally friendly Roller

The Walk 'n' Roll range of products includes 8 models of packers in 3 widths, and the TD2000 Gravel Reclaimer.